After many months of waiting, Ladybeard is now screening! Coming up this Saturday, you can catch Ladybeard as a special presentation of the Mountaineer Short Film Festival in Morgantown. Ladybeard starts at 1 PM on March 16. Stick around to hear Apartment 2B’s David Smith speak as a part of a roundtable discussion on class, gender, and sexual identity in Appalachian films at 5:30 PM.  Be sure to also check out the shorts in competition, including entries by Apartment 2B homies Justin Litton  and Jeffrey Scott Richards.  For more info, check out the Mountaineer Short Film Festival website.

In April, we’re going to be featured in the 10th annual Appalachian Film Festival.  This is a huge honor, as we were chosen as the only feature film to screen this year.  We’re also super excited to be sharing the screen with our good buddies from Seth Martin and Friends, who are screening both their entry into the 2012 72-Hour Film Challenge (Hickory Lift) and their newest project Trace Around Your Heart (featuring Escribitionist songsmith Sasha Colette as a country superstar and David as a sleezy drugman).   Check out the Appys website for more info, and as always, you can hit up our Screenings page for our next show.

We’ve gotten some writeups for these screenings.  First up is a nice blip on Jason Brown’s blog alongside other worthwhile projects.  We also got a nice shout-out from regarding the Appalachian Film Fest.   (Though we’re not quite IFC-bound as the article states, but it’s a nice thought! Maybe throwing that idea out into the universe isn’t a bad thing.)

Keep checking back for more screening news, and thanks for supporting us!

Out and About

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Hey, Apartment 2B dwellers!  One of our Apartment 2B homies Jane recently alerted us that our website was down.  Our Websmith, cinematographer, and all-around tech guru Chase got it up and running within 24 hours.  Show him your appreciation by checking out his website and sending gifts of absinthe and cash.  If you really love him, go to October’s Dr. Sketchy’s Charleston and hang out with some hawt burly-q ladies!

A lot of people have been asking about our progress with Ladybeard, our newest film project.  We’re playing our cards a little closer to our chests than in the past because we have some pretty big plans for the movie.  We’ve gotten some solid feedback from the few folks who have seen it. (Also, thanks to all of you who have given us feedback!)  Sorry to be “vague social media guy,” but once we feel safe revealing our plans, we’ll make them loud and clear.  You can add Ladybeard on Facebook to get dibs on movie updates.  Until then, patience, young grasshopper.

And speaking of watching movies, our short Meta is screening as part of the WV FilmMakers Festival in Sutton this weekend.   You can check out Molly’s cameo in the new Seth Martin and Friends short Trace Around Your Heart, the fabulous Penny Maple in Porkchop 3D, and our buddies from the SDCT podcast with Christ Complex.   Find a full schedule here.

Hey, Apartment 2B Dwellers!  David is hard at work in the Ladybeard editing station, and we’re getting down to the last stages of editing.  We’ve already heard some of the score that’s being created for the movie by The Obscure Object, and it’s damn good.  We’re getting really excited and hope you are, too!

On a much different note, though, Apartment 2B resident producer Molly Tilly has been moonlighting from her Ladybeard duties to work on a book.  It’s a collection of short sci-fi and horror-comedy stories called The Last American Lottery and Other Wondrous Tales of Geekdom.  Right now it’s formatted for the Kindle e-reader, but we’ll be accepting pre-orders for the paperback version soon.  If you dig her weird sense of humor from the shorts Lt. Chicken and Candytakers, you’re probably going to dig this book, too. Check it out here.

cover art for The Last American Lottery

After that, if you’ve still got a jones to support indie writers, check out these books!  Apartment 2B homie Lee McCabe is a prolific author.  He’s released two collections of short stories for children, Dreams of an Inner Child and Playgrounds, and is currently working on a horror/thriller anthology.  Another good read is from homie Andrue Coombes, a punk rock motivational speaker from Up North, published some of the material he takes on tour into a book called Headfirst: How to Overcome Anything and Learn to Love Your Life.  You can feel good knowing that you’re supporting these guys’ next creation while getting something rad for yourself.

Hey, Apartment 2B Dwellers!  Last Thursday, we entered FestivALL’s 2012 72 Hour Film Challenge.  We spent three sleepless weird days working on a short film based on the theme “discovery” that incorporated the words “void” and “confront.”  Last night, the good folks over the contest awarded us first place!

Apartment 2B's David Smith, left, with his first place certificate.  Apartment 2B homie Ian Notle of Brainwrap productions, right, won third place.

Apartment 2B's David Smith, left, with his first place certificate. Apartment 2B homie Ian Notle of Brainwrap productions, right, won third place.

Needless to say, we’re all pretty stoked.  We worked with Ladybeard cinematographer Chase Henderson and some of our previous cast folks (Rachel Henderson, Jacob Smith, Laura Waggoner, Escribitionist’s Erin Deegan and Greg Kiser) plus new Apartment 2B homies Karissa Johnson and Sam Hanna.  It was a lot of fun and proved that we can make something awesome in a short amount of time with several constrictions.

The audience seemed amazingly receptive to the movie during the screening.  We got to meet other filmmakers from around the state, who were all pretty fierce competition.   For those of you in InternetLand that didn’t get to attend, we’ve got our short “Meta” available on YouTube:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Hey Apartment 2B dwellers!  You’ve heard us talking up our latest project for months now.  You may have even kicked a few dollars our way to help us finish it.  Now you can see the first little glimmer of our hard work.  Here’s the trailer for Ladybeard, featuring music from Jordan Andrew Jefferson, The Obscure Object, and Bad Employees.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

For the latest news on Ladybeard, check out our Facebook page and Twitter.

Apartment 2B homie Rudy Panucci gave us a shout out on the newest episode of Radio Free Charleston.  It also features performances by another Apartment 2B homie Sasha Colette and Huntington art-rockers Qiet, as well as sneak peaks at Charleston’s art festival FestivALL.  Phew!  That’s a lot of awesome in under an hour!  Check it out below:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Finally, we’re putting together a tentative tour schedule for Ladybeard this fall.  We may be throwing another online fundraiser your way, full of new and fun trinkets to pledge for, so keep your eyes peeled. If you want to see Ladybeard in your city, contact us and let us know!

Hey Apartment 2B dwellers!  We’ve been hard at work these past few months in post-production with Ladybeard.  We’ve got our first rough cut finished and have been testing it with a few small audiences to see what works and what doesn’t.  We’re also pretty pumped to be working with long time Apartment 2B homie The Obscure Object who’s scoring Ladybeard.

Speaking of Apartment 2B homies, Patrick Felton has started a podcast called That Conversation and interviewed David on episode 2.   David talks about his early projects and what makes him tick.  You can check it out here or subscribe on iTunes.

Making a feature-length movie is hard work!  To let off steam, David and Molly have started a video blog called Junk Food Junkies, where they review the random snack foods that stand out in their local Kroger.  For those of you playing catch up, here are the first two episodes:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Hey Apartment 2B dwellers!

After several long weekends of freak cold weather*, car trips, and seeing what bars look like in full-on light (usually a little unnerving), we’re proud to say we’ve wrapped principle shooting on Ladybeard. We’ve still got some work to do before we have ourselves a movie, but keep your eyes peeled for screening announcements.

At any rate, I’d planned to write a general “thank you” blog when I realized I hadn’t even acknowledged the Indie GoGo donors!  Yikes!  Without further ado, I’d like to extend a hearty thanks for the following people who helped get our idea off the ground:

  • Chase and Rachel Henderson
  • Brandon Millman
  • Maura Conway
  • Seth Dempsey
  • Jack Pinder
  • Jenny Hobson
  • Raine Klover
  • Cory Smith
  • Tricia Smith
  • Walt Smith
  • Jason Brown
  • Dr. Jennifer Fart and the rest of the Brainwrap Productions crew
  • Erin Deegan
  • Jeff Richards
  • Jenny Sherman
  • Kit Thornton
  • Amy Rockwell
  • and our donors who chose to remain anonymous

We hope you’ll be proud of what we turned your cash into.  We also want to say thanks to everybody who’s helped so far in any capacity: our actors, extras, crew, location donors, bands, cheerleaders, and anyone else who’s said a kind word over the past six months.

Onward to the  next phase!
Molly Tilly

*seriously, it seems like it would be pleasant all week, then when it’d be time for shooting, the temperature would drop 30 or 40 degrees.

Hey Apartment 2B followers!  If you’re in Huntington this weekend, check out the Appalachian Film Festival.  Our music video “Coconuts for You” is in competition.   Details below:

Where: Keith Albee Theater, 825 4th Ave
When: Thursday, February 24
Time: 7:35 PM

Hey there, stopping by for a quick update.  Tomorrow (Jan. 31) we’ll be presenting at CAFE Huntington.  CAFE (Creative Arts Funding Endeavor) Huntington is a microgrant program similar to Charleston’s Square Meals that we attended earlier this month. Audience members pay admission that includes a meal, and a set number of presenters pitch their project.  The audience votes on their favorite, and that lucky project takes home a chunk of the admission money.

CAFE Huntington starts at 6 PM.  Tickets are $12.00 and are available online.  This month’s event is taking place at the tasty Mexican fusion restaurant Tahona Grille.

If you want to see our CAFE application for Ladybeard, click here. For more information about CAFE Huntington, visit their website.

When: January 31, 6PM -- 9PM
Where: Tahona Grille, 322 10th St., Huntington, WV
Cost: $12.00

Hey Apartment 2B Followers!  If you’re 18+ and itching to be a movie extra, clear your calendar for January 22.  We need extras for a scene taking place at Shamrock’s in Huntington.  Shooting will go from 6 PM until 8 PM.  You can RSVP here on Facebook.

And if you’re into music, stick around for a sweet benefit show!